Saturday, January 16, 2010

Life Will Never Be the Same

I am amazed at how different my life may end up looking now that I am cancer-free and my hair is growing back. It seems surreal that my husband and I are actually giving serious consideration to the possibility that I could retire. Retire! Would we have ever arrived at this juncture if breast cancer hadn't visited my life? I seriously doubt it. The possibility is so exciting, I can barely contain myself. I'll be free to make lunch dates with old friends, read the books in my "to read" pile, take my mom to Michael's and Barnes & Noble more often, have my grandkids visit whenever, and--I'll be able to write.

It has been an arduous journey down this breast cancer detour and, like many detours, this one had twists and turns through unfamiliar neighborhoods of discomfort. The final destination remains unknown. I'm along for the ride, thankful for God's provision along the way, and plan to make the most of every moment. So far so good!