Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm Getting Off Easy

My husband helped remove my bandages this morning. Fresh wounds creep me out and I really didn't want to look but I knew I had to. It wasn't so bad after all! I feel very fortunate that I didn't have to have a mastectomy. I've had people say, "If it were me, I'd tell 'em to take it off." Someone said it to me again today over lunch with friends. I know they mean well but I'm not sure they really know what they are saying. I've met some women through my blog and also at my church who have had mastectomies and the picture ain't pretty. The process of reconstructive surgery is long and painful and to all my breast-cancer sisters who have faced that, I say I'm so proud of your courage. I'm getting off least so far so good.

Having lunch today to celebrate a good friend's birthday was so much fun. I feel a little funny going with no eye makeup, but I have no eyelashes for mascara. I brush on some blush and that's the extent of my makeup these days. The other day I lamented to my husband that I hate not being able to wear makeup. He said, "You don't need it. You look beautiful without it. I've always thought that!" Ahhh, he really knows what to say, doesn't he?

There was no way I could face my wig today but felt comfortable wearing my turban among friends. (My hair is growing back fast though.) As we sat in the restaurant's second floor dining room with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean in front of us, we watched the high surf the blustery nor'easter left in its wake, and there were moments when I felt like my old self; when I forgot about the discomfort of the surgery.

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