Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Private Caller"

A few nights ago the phone rang. I held it in my hand and read the Caller ID. "Private Caller," it said. "Hmmm, should I answer?" I said to myself. I don't see "Private Caller" often and it's usually not someone selling something. I answered.

"Donna! How are ya?" I tried to place the male voice who made it sound like he was an old friend.

"I'm fi-ine," I stammered. "Who's this?"

"I'm calling on behalf of the Professional Firefighters..."

I immediately interrupted, "I'm sorry, but this isn't a good time," and hung up. I'll admit to feeling a little guilty being abrupt, but geez, he was disingenuous as he wanted me to believe he was someone I knew and that bothered me a lot.

So last night when the phone rang and the Caller ID again said, "Private Caller," I decided not to answer. An hour later, I noticed the "Private Caller" had left a message, so I turned on the speaker and Buck and I listened together. It was my surgeon calling with the results of the pathology tests. She said the sentinel node was completely fine, that the treatment protocol obviously worked. She said I would need another mammogram in January, but otherwise, no more surgery would be required.

"Oh, I'm so bummed I didn't pick up," I said to Buck. "I really wanted to talk with her since I didn't get to see her after my surgery."

The news was wonderful to hear though and I said outloud, "Thank you, God! Thank you!"

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