Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm Getting Antsy

Today is the eighth day straight confined to my home and I'm getting antsy. Although there is great improvement this morning, some of the physical side effects I've been experiencing have made it impossible for me to be too far away from home. All indications are that tomorrow will be a day to get in the car and spend a few hours at the office. I'm looking forward to it!

Treatment #4 has proven to be the most difficult yet. My clinical trial nurse told me yesterday that some cycles can be worse than others. Treatment #5 is my last one to receive the Adriamycin and Cytoxan along with the Avastin clinical trial drug. I've been told the A/C combination is the more difficult and better days are ahead as I have Treatments #6-9 of the Taxol and Avastin. It is my understanding the Taxol continues to sap energy and leaves one feeling achy all over, but it doesn't cause nausea so I won't have to have the strong nausea medications which have left me with all these unpleasant side effects related to cycles of constipation/diarrhea. That will be a welcome relief, but is a month away unfortunately.

So I brace myself once again. I anticipate feeling good, hopefully almost normal, for the next five days and then try to embrace the fact I'll have a little less than a week of suffering the A/C treatment effects and be that much closer to the end of this unexpected and more-difficult-than-I-ever-imagined bump in the road called breast cancer.

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  1. I hope you fell well enough tomorrow and get out of the house ... I know that antsy feeling.