Monday, September 7, 2009

Wet Dishrag

I've concluded that I'm really not very good at being sick. The past few days have been really difficult. The same old complaints of being hungry but nothing sounding good, needing to drink but getting fluids down with great difficulty. My cousin Susie told me to expect to feel like a wet dishrag. That pretty much sums it up. Think about what a wet dishrag does and you get the picture of what my life has been like for the past four days. Just existing in a lump on the couch. Even the back porch on these warm, sunny afternoons doesn't beckon me right now. I just recline on the couch and mostly sleep.

The digestive tract issues prove to be the most challenging. Think Senekot, Colace and PreparationH and you get the picture! All issues one is clueless about when faced with this type of treatment.

Today is an improvement for sure. Hey, I'm on the computer again!

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