Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still By My Side

Can I just say that I am a very lucky woman?

I am.

In January of 1969 at the tender age of 16 , I met my life's partner and forty years later, he's still right here by my side. Yesterday, as I spent post-treatment day six on the couch, he texted me several times. "How are you doing today?" I confessed that early in the morning I had started laundry and vacuumed cat hair off the couch, and now I was pretty much confined to the couch. He texted me, "Quit it! You push it, you pay!" We discussed plans for dinner, he texted back, "I'll cook. You relax."

And he did. He came home after a long day at work, cooked dinner, brought it to me on a tray, made me a cocktail of half a glass of fruit punch flavored Gatorade and half water with three ice cubes, cleaned up the kitchen and helped me fold the pile of laundry on the bed before we sat down to watch Dancing With the Stars on TiVo. (I really don't want to be hooked on that show this season! Please!!!)

That was just last night.

He takes care of the cat litter boxes, makes sure we get the trash out on Tuesday mornings, constantly keeps the kitchen picked up, takes my Mom grocery shopping, makes most of the meals these days, vacuums and, of course, waits on me. That's all when he's home. He leaves the house by 7:00 each morning and returns usually around 6:00 pm. Once in a while I can tell he's feeling overwhelmed because I know him so well, but he doesn't complain. He is still by my side, still doting on me, still loving me, still my rock.

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  1. Hi Donna

    I found your blog through Daria's. Seems that we have a few things in common: same age, same kind of cancer, same stage and size. I began my journey about a year earlier than yours and I am done with treatment. When they found the tumor, it was only 1.6 cm but by the time they took it out, it had grown to 3 cm. I see that you are on Avastin, which was not offered to me. From what I read, it really will help this monster from spreading. Yep it is very hard to be bald. I went through it during the winter. My bare head was very sensitive to cold. It has been a little more than 6 months since my last infusion and I have about 3 inches of hair-not the same hair I had before. Instead of being straight and blondish white, it is curly and salt and pepper.
    You are handling this all with alot of grace, which I admire. I try but often fail.